To query the database:
1) Enter the User ID and Password
User ID: c12editions
Password: fra45582
2) Choose a working language
3) Choose one of the two options:
3.1) Search by keyword
Type one or several letters of the name of the artist (for example, "vin" for Leonardo da Vinci) and click on the search button.
Five author names appear including Leonardo da Vinci. Click on to see Leonardo's paintings.

Repeat the same process with title.

Choose a term in the indexed lists (city and/or place of storage) for example Avignon and the Musée du Petit Palais. Click on search. One author name appear: "Bartolomeo Caporali".

If you get no answer to the question, check the terms in your query window.

3.2) Search the index table of the collection

4) A clik on an image opens the painting information form with a thumbnail.